Jimmy Siswanto Juwana

Faculty member and PhD candidate at Trisakti University

Jimmy Siswanto Juwana has been a faculty member and Subject Matter Expert for Prodi Architecture at Trisakti University since 1979. Currently, Jimmy is working on his PhD project in Sustainable Development Management at Trisakti.

Jimmy has published several scholarly works on the built environment issues, including the Use of “Tirta Sakti” Infiltration Wells as an Alternative to Clean Water Supply, The and Influence of Land Use and Movement Patterns on the Level of Road Service Around Soekarno Hatta Airport.

He has been awarded the Service at FTSP Usakti five times. Jimmy is also a member of various national and international professional associations for Green Building, Civil Engineering, Building Constructions, and Architecture.

Jimmy holds an MSc in Architectural Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and a B.Eng in Civil Engineering from Trisakti University. He is based in West Jakarta, Indonesia.