Meredydd Evans | GBPN


Senior Staff Scientist at PNNL

Meredydd Evans is a senior staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). She is an energy policy and finance expert with over 20 years of international experience. She has worked on energy efficiency and clean energy policies and projects in numerous countries.

At PNNL, Meredydd manages a program on international sustainable energy, including efforts on building energy efficiency codes and retrofits, energy data for policy and clean energy investments. Meredydd began working at PNNL in 1994, and she was seconded to the International Energy Agency in Paris from 2002-2006. While at the IEA, she served as Acting Head of the Non-Member Country Division.

Meredydd has written two books on energy policy, i.e. Ukraine: Energy Policy Review (2006) and Coming in from the Cold: District Heating Policy in Transition Economies (2004). In addition, she has led several assessment projects of climate-related investments and policies and developed energy efficiency and greenhouse mitigation projects.

Meredydd has a B.A. from Columbia University’s Barnard College (1990) and an M.A. from Harvard University in Regional Studies (1993). She is based in College Park, Maryland, United States.

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