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Yodi Danusastro

Director of Yodaya Hijau Bestari

Yodi Danusastro has led Yodaya Hijau Bestari since November 2014. His company provides green building assisting services and helps clients be greener and more responsible toward the earth by achieving green building standards. He has several Green Building accredited professional degrees as Greenship Professional, EDGE Expert & Auditor, LEED APs, Certified BERDE Professional, Green Mark AP, Lotus AP, and WELL AP.

Yodi is an engineer with a broad range of experience in the green building sector, from Greenship, LEED, WELL, EDGE, and many more certifications to green construction services. He has been trained by Al Gore’s climate reality leader and contributed to many green building conferences in the US, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia, and many more.

Earlier, he served GBC Indonesia for over four years He has a Bachelor in Civil Engineering (2007) and a Master in environment science (2010) both from Universitas Indonesia (AI). Yodi is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.