[News] A global spotlight on energy efficiency in buildings

In light of the launch of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction during Buildings Day at COP21 there was even more focus put on energy efficiency in buildings and the positive effects it could have.

A recent article in the LA Times points to the fact that buildings are responsible for about 40% of global energy use and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. It goes on saying that “The fossil fuels we rely on to generate this electricity create carbon dioxide emissions that trap heat in the atmosphere, resulting in a greenhouse effect. To achieve the goal of preventing global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius — 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit — experts say improving buildings’ energy efficiency is crucial.”

The Global ABC initiative sets out to cut emissions levels in the building sector and build more climate resilience into urban infrastructure. Peter Graham, Executiv Director of GBPN, was quoted saying: “We already have the technology, and we’re already showing environmental and economic returns. The real challenge now is taking all this technology and know-how and trying to organize all of this capability to meet the 2-degree challenge.”

More articles covering the launch of this new Alliance and what it entails can be found in the French media as well. A selection can be found below:

Also watch the video of Ministers from Finland, France, Morocco, Senegal and Sweden, international organizations, multinational CEOs and civil society leaders launching the alliance to speed up and scale-up the potential of the sector for climate action:

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