Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)

Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)

The Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) is a think-tank in the fields of energy and environment. IESR encourages transformation into a low carbon energy system by advocating a public policy that rests on data-driven and scientific studies, conducting capacity development assistance, and establishing strategic partnerships with non-governmental actors.

IESR’s vision is building a world that is better, more sustainable, low-carbon oriented, and able to provide clean, sustainable energy for future generations. The think-tank has set its mission encouraging the acceleration of Indonesia’s energy transition towards a just, clean, and low carbon energy system. IESR’s main scopes of work are:

  • Energy transition
  • Climate change
  • Extractive industries
  • Sustainable mobility

The IESR team consists of experts, practitioners, and highly qualified graduates from reputable universities in Indonesia and abroad. They possess in-depth knowledge and experience in various fields such as energy, climate change, natural resource management, environmental issues, general affairs, finance, communication and commit to advancing public interests. In addition, they also work and engage with a wide range of stakeholders at local, national, and international levels.

GBPN is partnering with IESR and Monash University Indonesia to establish a policy hub which will drive policy reform efforts to decarbonise the buildings sector in Indonesia.