Pitch to Policy Indonesia Finalists and Winners

GBPN’s Pitch to Policy P>P programme proudly promotes the 10 Indonesian teams who have delivered pitches for policy changes.
Each team presents an impact investment ready programme to kick off transformation change and encourage sustainable building policies.

Pitch To Policy Indonesia Finalists

Pitch To Policy Indonesia ran its finals competition on the 15 November and the ten teams that made it are listed below.  They are “P>P Top 10”.  GBPN’s partner Indonesian Institute of Architecture of West Java IAI Jabar supported the entire process and Three teams were selected by our expert jury as top teams.

Three teams were chosen top as “P>P Top 3”.  The judges said it was difficult to rank the top 5 teams due to the high quality of entries, adding that some of the details of pitches were new to them and that they learned something.

The team pitches are now promoted by GBPN and IAI Jabar so that these important starting projects find the people and resources they have identified in order to get started. Pitch To Policy Indonesia 2020 was managed by GBPN’s Craig Burton.

Projects and Pitches

Top three

Sustainable building passport

Captures the current and future low carbon potential of a building (design)

Paspor Bangunan – Sistem Simulasi Potensi Karbon untuk (Desain) Bangunan Berkelanjutan

Project 04. ENGLISH

A P>P Top 3.

Re-Flow: Used Materials Online Platform

How to connect the missing link of used material from construction site to extend the life cycle of used materials in the new building to help reducing waste and carbon emission, while achieving affordable house in the digital era.

Re-Flow: Media Daring untuk Material Bekas. Bagaimana menghubungkan mata rantai yang hilang pada penggunaan material bekas dari lokasi pembangunan untuk memperpanjang siklus hidup material, untuk membantu mengurangi limbah dan emisi karbon, serta sekaligus menyediakan rumah yang terjangkau di era digital.

Project 05. ENGLISH

A P>P Top 3

Manage your carbon impact

A new system that helps designers, builders, building owners, and government agency to manage and track the carbon impacts of building material choices

Sebuah sistem baru yang membantu perancang, pembangun, pemilik bangunan, dan lembaga pemerintah untuk mengelola dan melacak dampak emisi karbon dari pemilihan material bangunan

Project 030 ENGLISH

A P>P Top 3

Top ten

Build a green zone like Singapore in an Indonesian city

Zone has new rules to encourage low carbon developments.

Project 016 ENGLISH

A P>P Top 10

Net-zero housing hub

One-stop hub to connect and collaborate actors in built environments and to share high-quality knowledge towards healthy net-zero-residentials


A P>P Top 10

Create an alliance for better teaching of NZEB design

Create trust between consumers and new architects

Educolabs: membangun kemitraan pengajaran desain NZEB untuk masyarakat dan Arsitek milenial.


A P>P Top 10


Build local carbon credit trading market to incentivize emission reduction of new housing construction

Merintis pasar karbon lokal sebagai insentif pembangunan perumahan baru yang rendah karbon


A P>P Top 10

Ferment the city

New campaign for Indonesian home buyers and general public which educates on sustainable housing using a friendly, accessible metaphor.


A P>P Top 10

Prefabricated engineered wood – the “new concrete”

Campaign to add prefabricated buildings as formal and inclusive regulations and encourage low carbon materials like engineered wood.

Kampanye untuk menambahkan bangunan prefabrikasi sebagai regulasi formal dan inklusif dan mendorong material rendah karbon seperti kayu olahan

Project 07 ENGLISH

A P>P Top 10

Connect the panel on!

Campaign to reduce housing emission by solar energy action

Hidupkan Panelmu ! Kampanye untuk mengurangi emisi hunian dengan aksi energi matahari.


A P>P Top 10