Find here the list of upcoming events organized by GBPN and upcoming contributions to conferences, workshops and webinars.


  • February 25th to 27th, 2015 – Wels: World Sustainable Energy Days 2015

The WSED are one of the largest annual conferences in this field in Europe, offering a unique combination of events on sustainable energy including the European Nearly Zero Energy BUildings Conference.
More info here


  • March 13th to 15th 2015 – Sharm El-Sheikh: Egypt Economic Development Conference

T​he conference is a key milestone of the government’s medium term economic development plan, which is designed to bring prosperity and improved social services to the people of Egypt. More info here.

  • April 8th to 12th 2015 – Seoul: ICLEI Word Congress

ICLEI’s international World Congress takes place every three years and provides mayors, local government politicians and staff, representatives from international agencies, national governments, donors and other partners with the opportunity for peer exchanges, knowledge-sharing, capacity building and on-site visits and exhibits. More info here.

  • April 20th to 24th 2015 – Montreux: WBCSD Liaison Delegate Meeting

2015 is a critical year for the future of your business as the agendas of climate change, sustainable development and energy unite on a global scale. This meeting is in preparation for the COP21. More info here.

  • May 17th to 22nd 2015 – New York City: SE4ALL Forum

UN Member States will use the global platform as an opportunity to “take stock and push forward”. The event is expected to include governments, civil society and the initiative’s partner organizations, who will present their work, form partnerships and commit to further action. More info here.

  • June 15th to 19th 2015 – Manila: Asian Clean Energy Forum

ACEF 2015 seeks to build on this strong foundation and continue the work of bringing together Asia’s clean energy community.​ More info here.

  • June 18th to 20th 2015 – Vienna: Vienna Energy Forum

VEF aims to contribute to emphasizing the multiple benefits of the Post-2015 Development and the Climate Agenda and to showcase best practices and actions on the ground.​ More info here.

  • July 7th to 10th 2015- Paris: Our Common Future under Climate Change

The Conference will address key issues concerning climate change in the broader context of global change. More info here.

  • July 8th – London: Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Building-Integrated Photovoltaics: Where Sustainability meets Aesthetics

This one-day conference is organized by the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform. The event will take place at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in London on 8 July 2015. The meeting will be the occasion to underline the opportunity represented by efficient and PV-equipped buildings, through interventions from industry representatives, architects and engineers.

Registration to the conference is free of charge. For more information.


  • August 26th to 28th 2015- Luzern: EEDAL

EEDAL’15 will provide a unique forum to discuss and debate the latest developments in energy and environmental impact of residential appliances and lighting, heating and cooling equipment, ITC equipment, smart meters and smart grids, consumer behaviour, the policies and programmes adopted and planned, as well as the technical and commercial advances in the dissemination and penetration of technologies and solutions, particularly: energy efficient residential appliances, consumer electronics and ICT, heating and cooling equipment and lighting.More info here.

  • September 1st & 2nd 2015- Tokyo & Toyama: EE Facilitating Hub Workshop

​More info here.

  • September 15th 2015- Hamburg: Half day workshop of the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform “Reaching out for opportunities in BIPV – technology and industry developments” 

The workshop is an official parallel event of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC).  The event is open to all registered conference participants of the EU PVSEC 2015. Find more information here.

  • September 15th to 17th 2015- Helsinki: 9th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems

EEMODS’15 will provide a forum to discuss and debate the latest developments in the impacts of electrical motor systems on energy and the environment, the energy efficiency policies, standards (ISO 50.001) and programmes adopted and planned, and the technical and commercial advances made in the dissemination and penetration of energy-efficient motor systems.​ More info here.

  • December 1st to 11th 2015- Paris: COP 21

More info here.

  • December 3rd 2015- Paris: Buildings Day to be held at COP21 in Paris

For the first time– Buildings Day – a dedicated event to present how the bulding and construction sector is able to tackle climate change – is to be held as part of the official programme at this year’s UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris. If you’d like to find out more about the Building Day or help form the alliance of organisations and catalyse the action in the Building sector, contact