GBPN CEO and Executive Director Dr Peter Graham will be among a panel of experts and industry representatives speaking at a prestigious industry event. The ASEAN International Conference on Energy and Environment takes place on Wednesday 15 September. The discussion will focus on the current status and growth opportunities in ASEAN for achieving more ambitious energy intensity reduction targets.

Convening at the ASEAN International Conference on Energy and Environment, the panel will be streamed virtually from Brunei Darussalam for registered participants.

Dr Graham will be deliver a presentation about how to reduce carbon emissions through sustainable building design.

In 2020, ASEAN Ministers for Energy agreed to raise its target to 32% energy intensity reduction by 2025 over 2005 levels. The 6th ASEAN Energy Outlook analysis indicated that about 70% of potential final energy consumption savings would come from the transport and industrial sectors.

Key areas of discussion for the panel include:

  • Understanding energy efficiency (EE) programmes and mandates across the region
  • EE technologies review and case studies
  • Focusing on priority sectors: industrial, transport, building sectors
  • The role of standards, certifications in steering EE actions


Abdul Salam Bin Abdul Wahab, Head of Sustainable Energy Division, Ministry of Energy Brunei

Melanie Slade, Senior Programme Manager – Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies, IEA Dr. Yoshitaka Ushio, Senior Advisor, International Cooperation Division, Energy  Conservation Centre Japan (ECCJ)

Dr. Peter Graham, CEO & Executive Director, GBPN (Global Buildings Performance Network)

Brian Byrne, Senior Vice President, Siemens Energy Asia Pacific Hub

Joseph Tomkiewicz, Partner, Tilleke & Gibbins (Moderator)

Download this report on GBPN’s work in ASEAN by clicking on the cover below.