We know what to do. The question is how

When it comes to achieving zero emissions in the building sector, how is the key question, according to GBPN CEO Dr Peter Graham.

Peter shared his insights at the ASEAN International Conference on Energy and Environment streamed virtually from Brunei Darussalam. He said the sector was well information about what needed to be done but putting it into practice wasn’t so simple.

“We know what we need to do and the formula for achieving zero-emissions buildings is well known. We need to reduce embodied emissions and maximise energy efficiency through building design, fuel-switch to clean electricity with integrated renewables on-site, and connect to renewable energy grids,’ He said.

“And we know that the two key regulatory measures are building energy codes and energy performance certification – which provide a foundation for achieving mitigation and adaptation goals in several sectors.

“But the how-to needs attention.”

He said change was needed on a fundamental level.

“There are a range of frameworks and roadmaps of actions but to implement actions we need to plan reforms to the status quo,” he said.

“Supporting actions with reforms shifts the emphasis to enabling initiatives such as education, financing, and stakeholder engagement.”
Peter offered two critical “how-tos” to help achieve these aims and contribute to achieving zero-emissions.

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Dr Graham’s full presentation will be uploaded here after the event.

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