Transforming building policy may be the secret weapon against global warming and make homes healthier and more comfortable, according to a new animation created by GBPN.

Head of Networks and Engagement Kate McFarlane said the animation was part of a GBPN-led online course. The course aims to support policy-makers to realise the potential of building policy packages, including building energy codes, in addressing the climate emergency.

‘The building and construction sector contributes nearly 40% of all energy use and carbon emissions globally but two thirds of countries don’t have building energy codes,’ she said. 

‘The IEA projects that building floor space will more than double to 415billion square metres by 2050. Much of this explosion in growth will happen in Asia. 

‘This represents a huge untapped opportunity for us to create policies that will help address climate change.’

Additional benefits of good building policy

Kate said building policy also had potential to address carbon emissions in existing buildings.

‘We can make existing buildings more efficient and reduce the amount of energy they use,’ she said. 

‘And we can also meet other sustainable development goals, such as alleviating poverty, creating energy security and creating employment opportunities.’

The animation introduces the importance of good building policy and runs for just over three minutes. It is available in English and Bahasa (Indonesian). It will be used as an introduction to an online course called Getting to Zero with Building Energy Codes: the biggest opportunity to respond to the climate emergency

The course launches in August 2021 and comprises four modules, each running for around 20 to 40 minutes. Participants will receive a virtual badge and certificate upon completion. 

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