[Event] Meet GBPN at Global Green Growth Forum 2013



Peter Graham, GBPN’s Executive Director and Jens Laustsen, GBPN’s Technical Director will be participating in the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) that will be held next week, 21-22 October in Copenhagen.

Global Green Growth Forum was initiated by the Danish Government in collaboration with the governments of China, Kenya, Mexico, Qatar and Republic of Korea and a number of leading businesses and international organisations. 3GF convenes governments, businesses, investors and international organisations to act together for inclusive green growth.

The mission of 3GF is to explore and demonstrate better collaboration and partnerships among leading businesses, investors and key public institutions that can lead to new models of inclusive and sustainable growth created by all and for all.

Peter Graham and Jens Laustsen will participate in the session focusing on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. The session will include presentations on the 1 Billion m2 project which is a common initiative of REEEP (Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency partnership) and GBPN, as well as the presentation of specific business models for up scaling the development of positive energy buildings. The session aims to promote the dramatic up scaling of energy positive buildings, particularly in the social housing sector in emerging and developing economies through a public-private partnerships (PPP) model.

The current barriers and opportunities to ensuring the uptake of positive energy buildings on a large scale will be discussed and possible outcomes in terms of partnerships will be explored. It will also try to demonstrate and announce concrete public-private partnerships (PPP) in pilot cities or regions around scalable business models.

Public-private partnerships are the cornerstone of 3GF’s work and a key enabler to accelerate transition to an inclusive green economy and 3GF helps to identify, promote and launch potential PPPs with a particular focus on achieving speed-to-scale across borders.

1 Billion m2 project is an effort to promote residential positive energy buildings. The main challenge consists in reversing the mainstream trend around building performance by making buildings become net energy providers, instead of energy users, in all climates and for all consumers, rich and poor.

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