We’re moving!

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GBPN has grown out of the office. We’re moving to a new one today! Our address now is 51, rue St Anne, Paris 75002.

The new office is just five minutes away, but it’s a truly nice change: bigger, with more light, and entirely ours. We’ll be a bit more separated by walls to have some space for silent moments of research concentration and writing, while still keeping the spirit of a collaborative open space. We’ll also have a much needed meeting room for our long debates and discussions.

In the past two weeks, we have been gathering new furniture for the office. It will be a quite a good mix of new, sustainably produced furniture from Europe, some recycled furniture and some very practical and budget-saver bits from Ikea. No cars will be involved in the removal. We are very motivated to keep the moving as green as possible.

The area – Rue Sainte Anne – is a small but busy street, known in Paris as the best area to eat some good and genuine Asian food. Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Vietnamese restaurants and shops line up one after another, creating a marvelous illusion of being thousands of kilometres away from Paris. This ambiance also fits well with the direction in which GBPN would definitely like to continue going in coming years: be more focused on and active in Asia.

Come visit us!