100 Twitter Accounts Around Building Performance You Must Follow!


After having actively been twittering these past months, we are delighted to present the GBPN public list of 100 influential and resourceful Twitter accounts in the fields of Building Performance Policies and the role of buildings in mitigating Climate Change.

This list is a product of daily curation and experience engaging with inspirational and reliable sources of information on our topics. We based our selection on three main factors:

  • Content quality: up-to-date, intelligent, innovative and inspiring tweets
  • Frequency of posting
  • Openness and enthusiasm to engage with us and relay our messages.

Usually, the Twittersphere is invested by journalists, bloggers, editors and Web experts. But we realized that around our topics experts and stakeholders were also very active spreading very useful information to help move towards better building policies. Among them, associations and NGOs (e.g.; on renewables, Net-Zero Energy, Passive Houses, Climate Change, etc.), research institutes, European-funded projects and global organisations.

Alphabetically sorted by Twitter account, we hope the list below will be useful to all those interested in following our topics! Simply open the list and read what’s being tweeted by this group of users that share our interests.

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GBPN public list available in PDF