GBPN has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with builders in the states of Gujarat and Karnataka as part of a project aiming to actively involve the builder community in developing  sustainable affordable housing.

The partnership will be delivered under the region’s  Grid Interactive Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Project (GEBA). It will target lower income beneficiaries of the government’s PMAY-U Affordable Housing program.

GBPN’s Senior Advisor, Guatam Nagar, said the project seeks to facilitate sharing of building knowledge to enhance the opportunities for Demand Side Management (DSM) and Grid Interactivity (GI).

“GBPN’s objective is to work together to reform traditional building practices in collaboration with  the builders’ experience and expertise,” he said.

“We will be working closely with the builders to maximise the opportunities to optimise energy usage in residential buildings in two ways.

“DSM provides opportunities to optimise a building’s energy consumption by shifting usage to off-peak. At the same time, we will be looking to create an optimised blend of energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart storage to maximise the sustainable potential of the grid interactivity.”

Key partners had been selected in each location to ensure depth of local knowledge. 

“We will be working with Aryanyaparv Realty in Gujarat, who have more than 25 years of experience in building housing projects in Ahmedabad,’ Mr Nagar said. 

“In Karnataka, we will work with PG Shetty Construction Technology Pvt Ltd, who have over six decades experience in pre-cast construction technologies and specialise in state-of-art technologies for optimization of energy use through DSM.”

Global insights combined with local expertise

Mr Nagar said the builders would contribute significant local expertise to the project, which together with GBPN’s global insights, formed a powerful combination.

“We will make sure that we turn the best of ideas into action by facilitating a mutual exchange of knowledge, building ideas and reforms,” he said. 

“In addition to sharing building knowledge, our builder partners will share upcoming or potential projects that may be relevant sites for externally funded DSM and GI projects; and civil and technical drawings with the team for the inputs related to GI.

“They will also collaborate with the local agencies for the power supply and generation.”

With the support of the companies, GBPN will work directly within the residential property arena to implement sustainable housing.

“We look forward to  a long standing relationship with both the building groups.”