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The first thematic day dedicated to buildings’ energy efficiency at COP21 – the Buildings Day – will be held on 3 December 2015 in Bourget. The Day will consist of several events and will focus on public strategies and policies, finance and value chain solutions. But the Buildings Day will also launch an unprecented Alliance of countries, regions, cities and buildings sector organizations coming together to scale up actions that help keep global warming below 2oC.

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (Global ABC) will work to facilitate mobilisation of international resources for efficient local operational solutions, align existing initiatives, commitments and programmes to achieve greater scale, and catalyse a greater pace and impact of climate action in the buildings and construction sector.

Currently, eight countries and 23 organisations and companies have joined the Alliance as initiating members and partners. The Alliance will be the first organisation having a truly global scope and brining together governments, companies, financial institutions, network organisations, academia, associations, professionals and user networks.

The Alliance will have three main clusters:

– Public Strategies and Policies > aimed to help to develop building efficiency strategies and policies

– Value Chain Transformation > develop action plans to transform the entire buildings value chain, including workforce development, skills and training, synchronizing planning, support technology transfer and capacity building

– Finance > Accelerate investment and funding for energy efficient buildings projects; develop specific investment criteria for low-carbon building development

A cross-cutting measurement and accountability cluster will help provide support for data and analytic needs and to monitor progress being made on implementing building-related climate committments and monitoring teh sector’s contribution to a below 2oC pathway.

The Alliance will work on Flagship programs or projects that will have clear, specific ambitious goals, specific scope and duration and that will be scalable, adaptable to varied contexts, replicable, cost-effective and implementable.

Such projects could be Net Zero Buildings, Green Schools, Affordable & Sustainable Housing, Tropical Architecture Solutions, Iconic buildings, City Climate Actions, Retrofits and Low-Emission Technology.

During the Buildings Day, the French Environment & Energy Management agency (ADEME), one of the initiating Members of the Alliance, will launch its Flagship project “Building energy efficiency in tropical areas.” Under the coordination of ADEME, this project aims to favour the sustainable construction in some 20 countries in Africa and will foster the sharing of experience and best practices among the various stakeholders of buildings related sector.

The Alliance is open to all organisations and stakeholders ofin the buildings sector. Until its official launch, the Alliance will be guided under the supervision of UNEP and France. The governance will be decided after the COP21 with the initiating partners and members.

Interested to become a member or partner of the Alliance? Click here to find out how to join.

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