Launch of Pitch to Policy competition in India

Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) in partnership with Monash University and together with PS Collective is launching a competitive learning programme, Pitch to Policy (P>P). The aim of P>P competition is to improve the sustainability of Indian housing, with a focus on implementation of Energy Conservation Building Code for Residential Buildings.


India faces a tremendous housing challenge in terms of quantity, quality and affordability of housing. As we continue to grow and increase the housing supply, it is also important to adopt a low carbon development trajectory in wake of the climate crisis. The Pitch to Policy (P>P) aims to attract and groom ideas that can accelerate the housing market on this path. Specifically, it seeks interventions in the residential sector to contribute to C02 emission reduction.

Pitch To Policy (P>P) is a call out for building sector professionals, managers, and designers who can make immediate sustainable choices in their work. These actors are working today where there are chances to remove obstacles, where they can try technologies and they can make choices that start our field in much more sustainable directions. These actions and choices are ultimately accompanied by policy change, top-down governance and national plans but Pitch To Policy acts more quickly, identifying immediate opportunities at the work site, on the drawing paper and in the market.

GBPN is calling for individuals or small teams to participate in Pitch to Policy to help streamline the implementation of Energy Conservation Building Code for Residential Buildings (ECBC-R, also known as Econiwas Samhita or ENS) in various levels (local, state and central). If you could change one thing what would that be? A change in the local law or local building codes? Or maybe you have an idea how to reduce energy use? Or improve thermal comfort? We want to hear your pitch!

There are opportunities for safer, cooler houses, houses that emit fewer GHGs, and materials and techniques that are low carbon but also profitable. Top-down and bottom-up efforts together are needed to mainstream buildings that are climate responsible and meet sustainable development goals. Succeeding in the housing sector is especially critical.

Do you or your team have an idea that would help implement and integrate the ENS more efficiently and effectively in the current policies? Do you have a technical idea, a traditional building idea, or a building technique you can share? With more help could it spread and grow? Do you have an idea that would work if competing firms got together?

P>P will provide participants with intensive tailored training or expert insights to help them take an opportunity, remove an obstacle, get access to the right people or whatever they need to succeed. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the obstacles and challenges in the built environment: building regulations, best practices, technology, enforcement, occupant behaviour or any other topic that might be relevant to your idea. We’ll help you to build your project and to develop it for funding.

Participants will pitch their idea in front of the Jury consisting of building experts, engineers, policy shapers and entrepreneurs. Three best teams will be awarded a prize of USD 2,000 each.

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