Positive Energy Buildings


Two key issues emerged from the comparative study:

  • the need to develop overall performance values for all codes to ensure the accurate comparison of those codes and,
  • the need for further improvements in compliance regimes for the enforcement of building energy efficiency codes.

Over the coming months we invite you to participate in the discussions surrounding these topics and to contribute your valuable thoughts and ideas to the process. We hope that by sharing our work on this platform that we can promote a constructive dialogue amongst the expert community on these important topics. The open nature of this process also ensures the transparency of our work and ensures its rigor by discussing these ideas with the experts. Initally the main focus of this lab will be on the development of overall performance values. However, in the coming weeks we will expand the discussion to include compliance.

To make a contribution, please use the forum Overall Performance Values – Building Codes

Niamh McDonald, GBPN Building Policy Analyst is responsible for moderating this Laboratory. If you have any questions or queries relating to the lab please feel free to contact her.

Comments and material placed on this website will be used as part of the research of GBPN.
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