Comparing Data Quality

The Global Buildings Network Performance’s recent report “Comparing Data Quality & Collection” reveals just how much data quality varies in four priority regions – China, the EU, India and the US.

We found that quality and availability of data around in our four regions varies considerably; there are large data gaps, weaknesses and inaccessibility that preclude accuracy in modelling (see the figure below).

We conducted a survey in order to find ways of filling these data gaps. We asked thirty of our international experts in the field of building energy data for their recommendations on how we can improve data quality, availability and collection practices…

  • Jayson Antonoff, IMT:  “the US need better guidelines at regional and national levels on data standards, privacy concerns, standard building definitions, etc.
  • Oliver Rapf, BPIE: “the EU should make public where good data are available, and equally make public where there are major data gaps.
  • Adam Hinge, Sustainable Energy Partnership:  “China should be certain that data are being reported consistently (whole building, not just certain end uses; primary, delivered or final energy)”
  • Satish Kumar, Schneider Electric: “India need to work with the government, educational and research institutions to develop a framework for data collection and analysis.

The graph below demonstrates our regional findings:

Comparing Data Quality

To find out GBPN’s recommendations for ensuring better building performance data quality and collection, check out our Report Database

Sophie Shnapp, GBPN Junior Policy Analyst

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