[Tool] Linked Open Data to Stimulate Better Building Policies

The GBPN Knowledge Platform has been developed under the Linked Open Data technology. This opens and connects the platform to the best resources, data and information on buildings energy performance policies worldwide and therefore supports better decision-making.


The Linked Open Data Platform used by the GBPN knowledge Platform is a smart and dynamic tool accelerating knowledge sharing by combining the most innovative social software methods and technologies. In addition it provides transparency to our data and research, as well as quality indexing.

What is Linked Open Data?

The popular Open Data movement was created to provide the public with a greater transparency of information and data through machine-readable formats for easy re-use and cross combination, based on the concept of a social web.

However, Linked Open Data is even more revolutionary than Open Data in terms of efficient data management as it allows the connection of individual data that has not previously been linked.

Using Linked Open Data (LOD) represents a new and true opportunity to create, expose and share meaningful elements of information and knowledge among a community of experts. In addition, it develops an infinite stream of new data and information.

How is LOD benefiting to better buildings and why you should join our effort?

To accelerate knowledge and best practice policies sharing and therefore stimulate and ensure better policy-making, it is more than ever crucial to conduct better data management on the subject. Given the mass of pre-existent data, opening and cross-linking data appear as key to obtaining cost-effective information and feeding state of the art policies with a collaborative approach.

With a greater data and knowledge transparency, LOD ensures better decision-making, a stronger collaboration between stakeholders and facilitate innovation and knowledge aiming towards a significant reduction of energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions from buildings (Our Vision).

The GBPN data will be enriched over time with additional topics and information generated through data exchange projects and research partnerships. We are inviting any other organisations interested in joining this effort to increase data transparency about buildings energy performance to contact us and suggest any further opportunities for collaboration.

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