GBPN’s Policy Evidence Library has been upgraded and now includes two brand new Top 50 lists.

The library contains over 600 specialist and public domain resources to assist you in developing evidence-based policy reform, including the expanded suite of five Top 50 lists and a variety of interactive modelling tools available.

Check out our suite of resources:

What’s great about the Top 50 lists?

There are many potential building policy evidence sources on the open Internet and behind paywalls.  They vary per country, they change regularly, and they may be harder or easier to read.  The policies themselves are also diverse with different names for the policy reforms they explore.  It is hard for policymakers to find what is considered the best practices for building energy policy.

The Top 50 ecosystem is a curated resource which allows the most compelling and effective information to be hosted where it can be found by the people who most need it.  Different to a keyword or faceted search system, Top 50 provides a scoring and ranking system so that the shortlist of fresh, relatable resources are those deemed to:

  • Best reflect best practices
  • Be broadly applicable
  • Be most easily readable and come from reliable sources. 

This is a human value-add on top of searching and sorting

There are five lists which may each have up to 50 resources grouped by policy strategies (like Utility Funded, Investment Driver or Biodiversity).  Since great resources provide multiple opportunities, a Top 50 list may provide the same resource a number of times under different policy strategies.  The user can select to view certain strategies only.

Top 50 Lists